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Other Interests


Lauren's other interests include: writing fan fics, cold, snowy weather, music of all kinds; Opera, Classical, Broadway, hard rock, pop, and gospel.  Lauren loves all things John Williams, Danny Elfman, Lord of the Rings,  Harry Potter, Tim Burton, etc.  Lauren loves life, loves people, and brings joy with her wherever she goes.

                                     It takes you away to an elevated place.  It reminds you of  every good dream you've had.  It resonates in you long after the sound is gone, and invites you to soar with it.  Having studied under Metropolitan Opera star Marylin Mims, Lauren has learned the power and mastery of expression. 

It's what gives her soprano voice the versatility to capture

the essence of the song she's singing.  From Evanescence

to Celtic Woman to Mozart, Lauren has the range,

expression, and stage presence not only to hit the

right notes, but to capture the audience, and take

them away.

     While studying vocal performance at Palm

Beach Atlantic University, Lauren won her

division in NATS as a Junior.  Singing and

performing is a lifelong passion for


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